The cattery "Snow white Angels" is a professional cattery Neva Masquerade of cats. The nursery has been organized by me, Dinara, in 2017 in Moscow with assistance of my husband - Vitaly who is my big assistant in our hard and fascinating work.
Everything has begun with our firstborn - a cat of Amur whom in 2016 I have for the first time brought on an exhibition, having written down it in a class of "champions". Since then I and my family for a second we don't leave this remarkable breed.
Then we had had Sanechka and Diona two beautiful kitties.
In cattery work on breeding cultivation of the Neva Masquerade cat breed is conducted. On our website you learn as the real representative of breed has to look and also you will be able to get advice on maintenance and cultivation, you will find various articles about physiology and diseases of cats, about cultivation and genetics, standards, photos of animals of nursery.